journeys in 2019
explore the incredible northern swedish nature

The snow is now deep in the valley of Kaitum but soon are we once again in the wilderness, Fishing for big Trouts; greyling and Char! There is two trips 2019 that is not fully booked, week 30 and 31. We will spend the first part of the trip at one of the most fabulous areas at Kaitum river. During three days are we going to fish in this area with wery mutch Greyling. There is also plenty of Trout and large Pike. The river is very varied with both hard current and slower parties. Several small islands also contribute to making this part of the river to a paradise for fishing. It is possible to wade across the river in several places. During the second part of the trip will we fly to the mountains with an area of three lakes and two streams within one kilometre. Alternating fishing in both larger and smaller lakes and smaller streams with chance of an amazing sight-fishing. Grayling and trout are dominating but there is a good chance of catching char. We will fly back to civilization after three days in the wilderness for showering, sauna and for a good night sleep in comfortable beds. As usual, it is possible to have your own ideas and suggestions. We can offer individual tours, trips for small groups, travel without guide where you just rent equipment and help with transport. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Hope to see you this summer!

This travel will cost only 14.900 swedish crowns. ( 1275£/1820 US $)

Design your own travel!
Do you want to make the trip down the Kaitum in a rubber boat, but find the best fishing spots yourself?

Do you feel that guides are well enough, but you would prefer to make the trip with your own fishing-partners? In that case, you can buy our package tour! It is almost the same as the all inclusive alternative, but without the staff from Lapland Flyfishing at the fishing spots.

You will be picked up at Kiruna Airport or at the train station, and then we will go to the centre of Kiruna for some last-minute shopping. Then we will continue to the head camp Mattarakka where we give instructions of the equipment and the fishing rules. We will also suggest some good fishing spots, choice of flies and suitable camp sites. Then, a helicopter takes you to the river and six days later you will be picked up. When you return to the head camp you can shower and relax in the sauna and the bubble pool. After that, we will transport you to the airport or the train station. In the package tour we provide: a rubber boat, an outboard motor, paddles, life jackets, Lapp cots, spirit stoves, hearths, dry bags, packing boxes, tarpaulins, ropes, firewood, fishing licences, first-aid kits, kitchen utensils and maps.

You can book the package tour from Monday to Sunday week 27,28 or 29. We require a minimum of four (up to eight) people each week. Price: SEK 8350 / person. Do you have further questions? Please send us an e-mail at
The River Kaitum
The Kaitumälven stretches through an enormously beautiful landscape, surrounded by almost vertically sloping, dark hillsides in the upper parts. Further down, a beautiful wood of mountain birch takes over and it grows thicker as the river flows on.

In the valley of Kaitum, far north of the Polar circle, you might see bears, golden eagles and sea eagles. With the Kebnekaise in the background, the buzz of the mosquitos, the splashing and surge from the river, the scenery is barren and harsh – and exceptionally beautiful!

Kaitumälven is widely known for its graylings and salmon trout, but it is also possible to catch char and lavaret. Pointed fishing for pike is normally very good, and fish weighing up to 18 kg have been caught in the area! There are salmon in the river as well, but not that many in the area we normally stay.
All Inclusive.
Everything is included in our travels. Almost. We will pick you up at Kiruna Airport or at the train station and then we will go to the centre of Kiruna for some last-minute shopping. After that we will continue to the head camp Mattarakka for our fishing licenses. At the head camp it is possible to leave equipment behind that you won’t need the following week. A helicopter then takes us out into the wilderness…

At the camp site we will provide all the food and cooking, wash the dishes, put up and break the camp, inflate the rubber boats etc. All you have to do is to enjoy the marvellous scenery and catch a lot of fish! There are two guides available all the time, who will help you with your fishing gear and locate the best fishing spots.

The last night we spend at the head camp where we shower, relax in the sauna and the bubble pool and sleep in first-class double rooms. The following morning, after breakfast, you will be transported back to the airport or the train station.

Sleeping bags, ground sheets, fishing equipment or alcoholic drinks are not included, but we can help you with that at an additional fee.

Transfer to/ from the airport or train station
Helicopter to/ from the head camp Mattarakka
Fishing license for six days
Staying in a Lapp cot / double room
All inclusive and full service
Professional guides
Double room at the head camp
Price – All Inclusive
14.900 SEK
/ person