Year 2021
Do you want to go fishing in Lapland’s finest lakes? Do you want experienced guides who knows the lay of the land and loves to see other people get the chance to enjoy the great wilderness? Do you want to catch fish you have always wanted, and share meals and the experience with other fishermen? Then you should join us out in the Lapland mountains! In 2020 we will arrange tours in week 29, 30 and 31. We will be spending the first three days upp at the river Kaitum, the best and most beautiful tributary to the river Tirtjam. In this location you will experience Sweden’s maybe densest population of adult grayling fish, which uses the upstream lakes and the rivers downstream to feed in the short arctic summer. There is also plenty of trout, European whitefish and coarse pike in these waters. The well-known fly-fishing writer G. Westrin describes Tirtjam as one of the finest and most beautiful area he has visited. Next, we will be transported by helicopter further down the Kaitum river untill we come to a place called Kukkak. Here we can offer a broad variaton of waters. All from deep pools, small islands and beautyful shores. Mostly we will find grayling here that stands side by side in th river in high amount. Even Trouts and pikes are often seen here and some of them are really big. In most of the waters you can easily wade and take yourself to our little secret hidden treasure places where fishing is simple magical. The tent camp is already set up when you arrive by helicopter, and freshly brewed campfire coffee would be close to boil on arrival. We provide comfortable and large tents for accommodation, and we have a dedicated kitchen tent where we will be able to eat our meals by a table. Outside meals under the tarp is possible when the weather permits it. Hearty breakfasts, lunches and suppers are a given, and our guests have praised us for the excellent food. If you get hungry for something more between the meals, we will of course be providing something extra. On these trips, there is also free access to chocolates, cakes and other small snacks. Long days of fishing require lots of energy! Freshly brewed coffee is of course available at all times. In the evenings you retreat to the camp. Where you talk about your day with the others, about which fly works the best, lie about who got the biggest trout, and maybe you treat yourself to a swig of whiskey. Last year, about 75% of our guests travelled with us for the second time! As an added comfort, and to great appreciation by our guests, are our portable toilets that are set up in small tents. This allows us to avoid the bothersome mosquitoes when nature calls. We do our outmost to make these trips as fantastic and experience as possible for you! All you need to do is fish and enjoy the fantastic nature. The rest is taken care of by us. We will also rekommend contactpersons for the helicopter transfers, transportation to and from the airport or train station, in addition to recommend hotels and other accommodation in Kiruna. You will recieve the invoice for your journey at the end of the trip. If you have questions about this trip, or if you just want to talk about fishing, don’t hesitate to send us and e-mail or give us a call!

Hire professional equipment
We provide professional equipment and help to plan your journey. pontus@laplandflyfishing.se
The River Kaitum
The Kaitumälven stretches through an enormously beautiful landscape, surrounded by almost vertically sloping, dark hillsides in the upper parts. Further down, a beautiful wood of mountain birch takes over and it grows thicker as the river flows on.

In the valley of Kaitum, far north of the Polar circle, you might see bears, golden eagles and sea eagles. With the Kebnekaise in the background, the buzz of the mosquitos, the splashing and surge from the river, the scenery is barren and harsh – and exceptionally beautiful!

Kaitumälven is widely known for its graylings and salmon trout, but it is also possible to catch char and lavaret. Pointed fishing for pike is normally very good, and fish weighing up to 18 kg have been caught in the area! There are salmon in the river as well, but not that many in the area we normally stay.