Year 2023
This year we will take our Guests during week 28 to new areas and very promising waters we scouted during the last years. An excellent and beautiful river that comes from the high located mountain lakes and takes its route down to this majestic and breathtaking area. At the Levasjokk you will not find any trees. The vegetation is very low and it’s easy to cast out your bait or to wade in shallow waters. At this river Graylings Trouts and char are found in big swarms. Near by you will find a few lakes full of fish.

We will stay here for 3 days before we move by helicopter further to another location. The second part of the journey will take place at the Rautasriver. Here we have by far the finest length of the higher located parts of this river. Shallow waters with small islands in it welcome you to explore the finest spots for your fishing-adventure. Up here you will find sheer unlimited fine spots with lots of trouts and from time to time a swarm of char comes down the river and stay for a while in the stream. At this time your heart as an angler will beat high and you will be able to land the fish of your dreams.

We meet you either at the airport in Kiruna or at the train station. If you want you can travel direkt to the Heliport at Nikkaluokta. After that we will fly out by helicopter to our camp-place where our experienced guides already wait for you at a build up camp. All meals where served in a Tipi-tent and our meal is exceptionally fine and known over the borders of Sweden. After 3 days we will pack our equipment and move by helicopter further to another location and after 6 days we went back to the start point of this journey where you will find a cosy cabin to sleep and clean up you and your stuff before we will bring you back to the airport/train station. The price includes all organisation all transports and meals. The only thing you need is your personal stuff, fishing gear and your mattress&sleeping bag to fulfill your lifetimes fishing journey.

New in 2023 is our beginners-week between 17-23 of June. Here we will travel to the Kaitumriver, a perfect stream to learn how to fish with a Flyrod We will guide you in the technics and principals for flyfishing by explaining the equipment, how to cast and how you read the rivers to find the most promising spots for a good fish. We will teach you witch insects are the most successful and we will teach you how to be a good/better angler. This travel is recommended for you who have experience in fishing but never or rarely had a flyfishing rod in your hand. In case you don’t have flyfishing equipment at all, please contact us and we will consult you what to buy to have a good and promising start. On top you can participate in a lesson in how to create your own fly you later can fish with. We will have a lot of time to fish and deepen your new learned technics. Even to this travel you only need your personal stuff and your fishing equipment. Please send us a mail and we will consult you what you will need.

Tailormade journey
We create your own fishing adventure
Do you want to create your personal own travel? Are you a group of friends that will enjoy an unforgettable fishing journey at the area of the Kaitumvalley? We will arrange that for you! We create a tailor-made travel for you and your friends and take care of all organisation and will provide you (if wanted) with an experienced guide. Please get in contact with us and we will solve a unforgettable journey for you and your friends. The price of this journey depends on the amount of members and the location, so just ask and we will present an offer.

The River Kaitum
The Kaitumälven stretches through an enormously beautiful landscape, surrounded by almost vertically sloping, dark hillsides in the upper parts. Further down, a beautiful wood of mountain birch takes over and it grows thicker as the river flows on.

In the valley of Kaitum, far north of the Polar circle, you might see bears, golden eagles and sea eagles. With the Kebnekaise in the background, the buzz of the mosquitos, the splashing and surge from the river, the scenery is barren and harsh – and exceptionally beautiful!

Kaitumälven is widely known for its graylings and salmon trout, but it is also possible to catch char and lavaret. Pointed fishing for pike is normally very good, and fish weighing up to 18 kg have been caught in the area! There are salmon in the river as well, but not that many in the area we normally stay.
The River Rautas
The Rautas River begins in Lake Rautas and flows 55 km further downstream into the Torne River. The river is known for its large trouts and sometimes very good char fishing in the upper parts. One mile downstream of Lake Rautas there is a large waterfall that effectively prevent grayling from moving up in the upper parts. It also seems to be a natural stop for the char that is rarely caught downstream of the fall. For less than a mile, fishing is very good for trout and grayling, then the stock of both species is sparse. The river flows in a deep valley with plenty of mountain birch and a rich insect life.